Terms & conditions

Gypsy castle camping terms and conditions

  Payment terms are 50% at the time of booking via the website. The remaining 50% must be paid online 14 days before arrival.

  Campers will not be permitted to pitch up prior to payment in full.

 If a booking is made within 42 days of the Hay Festival 100% payment will be required at time of booking via the website.

 If a cancellation is made up to 42 days before the beginning of Hay festival a refund of 25% only will be due, no refunds after this time will be made and your card will be charged for the outstanding balance due. (A full receipt will be emailed to you)

 Please be respectful of your fellow campers.

 All music to be turned off by 11:00pm.

 Please keep the campsite tidy, and use the bins provided.

 If you wish to go down to the river, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

 ONE vehicle can be parked on your pitch if within your pitch boundary. If weather is particularly bad, customers may be required to park off site at their own cost.

 Any pets must be accompanied and kept under control at all times and cleaned up after. The Festival site do not allow dogs onsite, please bare this in mind when deciding whether or not to bring your dog/dogs with you as they are not to be left alone on our site at any time.

 If you are using “throw away” BBQ’s please make sure they are doused down before throwing away.

 If having BBQ’s, please do so outside your tent, and be aware that Carbon Monoxide is still produced when the BBQ may seem put out.

 Please be patient at peak times for the showers and toilets, they will be open 24 hrs

 Please report any problems to the office/caravan

 Power points are available next to the site office for phone & Laptop charging.

 Children must be supervised at all times

 Pitches must be cleared by 11am on day of departure and vehicle moved offsite. We have NO additional car parking space. 

 If you wish to amend your booking, a discretionary fee may be applied of up to 5% of the total booking value.

 If the festival date moves to a later point in the year your booking will be automatically moved to the new dates.

 If the festival is cancelled you may roll your booking over to the next year upon request. If you choose to cancel your booking, a 20% handling fee will be deducted from any deposit paid 



Campers camp here at their own risk – we take no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or property.